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INDOOR Traditional - Grad/school Photos


  • Image of INDOOR Traditional  -  Grad/school Photos
  • Image of INDOOR Traditional  -  Grad/school Photos
  • Image of INDOOR Traditional  -  Grad/school Photos
  • Image of INDOOR Traditional  -  Grad/school Photos

PLEASE READ IT ALL!!! LOTS of information:

As some of us know - some schools are not able to do school or grad portraits this year due to COVID & lockdowns. Honestly, that just sucks!!! I know how much I love looking back at my childrens' yearly photos & even to this day looking at my own old school photos! I feel so bad that the grads aren’t getting their “normal” celebrations - so hence we have released grad/school photos this year.

Booking & payment of $35 is for ONE child & ONE digital image.

Additional digital images & prints available for purchase after gallery is delivered - you are at no obligation to purchase additional prints or images, but it is totally up to you. Each additional image is $25 and packages range from $65-$90.

(So if you have two kids you want photographed, please book two time slots - same with packages - each package is per child...cannot add two children to one print package).

These are super quick and easy sessions (10-15 mins long) - it will honestly take more time to get ready for this session than the actual session!

INDOOR sessions: Sweet Exposure Studio at 58 Stanley Street, downtown Ayr

INDOOR -There are two sets:
-1st - white background (which can be just a white background OR we can use the antique desk and books). Some have asked if they can have their child wear their prom dress/suit for this set and that’s totally fine!! Just know your child will be photographed in full! So like head to toe - headshot/modelling fun shots…so wear fancy shoes or go barefoot :) make sure new nail polish is on or off.
-2nd set is more traditional school photo (grey). It's almost like the 'life touch' school photo/grad photo - I have ONE grad gown & cap with a red/white stole or blue/gold stole. It is disinfected between clients. And child is photographed belly button up on this set.

***GRAD PHOTOS!!!***
I do have a gown, cap and stole (one is red/white and one is blue/gold) for our grade 8 & 12 grads!!!! So I can take a couple regular photos without the gown in everyday clothes & then some gown and cap and gown of your child for a variation of images.

Print packages are available to purchase at an additional cost - it is posted to the left- if you would like them before hand, please email us and we can forward it to you.

IF you have any questions at all - please just email me and I will get back to you as quickly as I can!


*****Pending COVID restrictions. If for any reason you or your child are not well or restrictions change, your deposit will be deferred to another session time. This is a non-refundable payment ****

Image of OUTDOOR Grad Photos - Deposit ONLY
OUTDOOR Grad Photos - Deposit ONLY
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